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We work side by side with our customers to provide the highest quality product at the lowest price, helping to ensure they remain leaders in their fields.





Custom-Engineered Specs

engineered specs Union Tech works closely with our customers to develop the necessary processes to manufacture their products as well as the equipment required to produce their products.





Global Reach

Establishing Union Tech as a company that is renown for being a design and manufacturing powerhouse, we have expanded our reach to a truly global scale.  With customers in over 23 countries and manufacturing and production capabilities around the globe, you can count on Union Tech to provide prompt, courteous service for all your critical design, manufacturing and production needs.  Our ability to scale to your needs quickly and without delay is what has made us the go-to component design and manufacturing company for customers in the fields of power generation, chemical and petro-chemical production, automotive and automotive parts production, and many more.  For more information call Union Tech today:

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